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More Troubles For D’Banj As Kanye West Set To Drop Him From G.O.O.D Music
Snic on 01/18/2013 at 12:55pm (UTC)
 According to information gathered from reports and some industry sources, all may not be too well between D’Banj and his American boss.

What scooped reveals that Kanye was never happy with the split between D’Banj and Don Jazzy in early 2012.

We gathered that Kanye actually signed Don Jazzy to produce D’Banj for his record label, but with the split between them, it was no longer possible for Don Jazzy to perform his obligation of making ‘good’ beats for D’Banj.

Now that D’Banj took a step further to sign J-Sleek as his music producer, what sources in D’Banj’s camp reveal to industry sources is that Kanye is not pleased with J-Sleek’s production prowess and he sees D’Banj’s new collection of songs as weak.

What some tale-bearers are saying now is that Kanye is disappointed at D’Banj as his (Kanye)initial quest of storming African music through the duo of former Mohits Records has been defeated and D’Banj’s new singles are no where match what convinced him to sign on the two African superstars when he signed them in 2011.

There are indications that D’Banj may consider reconciling with Don Jazzy or lose his deal with Kanye.

Though we couldn’t confirm if D’Banj would consider the first option as we were told that his (D’Banj) ego might be a big obstacle is making the first option become a reality.
Photo: More Troubles For D’Banj As Kanye West Set To Drop Him From G.O.O.D Music According to information gathered from reports and some industry sources, all may not be too well between D’Banj and his American boss. What scooped reveals that Kanye was never happy with the split between D’Banj and Don Jazzy in early 2012. We gathered that Kanye actually signed Don Jazzy to produce D’Banj for his record label, but with the split between them, it was no longer possible for Don Jazzy to perform his obligation of making ‘good’ beats for D’Banj. Now that D’Banj took a step further to sign J-Sleek as his music producer, what sources in D’Banj’s camp reveal to industry sources is that Kanye is not pleased with J-Sleek’s production prowess and he sees D’Banj’s new collection of songs as weak. What some tale-bearers are saying now is that Kanye is disappointed at D’Banj as his (Kanye)initial quest of storming African music through the duo of former Mohits Records has been defeated and D’Banj’s new singles are no where match what convinced him to sign on the two African superstars when he signed them in 2011. There are indications that D’Banj may consider reconciling with Don Jazzy or lose his deal with Kanye. Though we couldn’t confirm if D’Banj would consider the first option as we were told that his (D’Banj) ego might be a big obstacle is making the first option become a reality.

Sheep gave birth to Half-human being at sokoto
Snic on 02/15/2012 at 2:08am (UTC)
 Residents of
Sokoto metropolis are yet to
come to terms with the
unbelievable incident that
occcurred in the city
recently. That was when a
sheep gave birth to a
monstrous being at a
government owned
veterinary clinic in the
Sokoto State capital.
The date was Monday,
January 22, this year. The
news suddenly came into
town at about 5pm that a
monster-like creature had
been discovered in a sheep’s
womb during an operation
carried out by some
veterinary surgeons in the
Daily Sun gathered that the
inability of the sheep to
deliver made it necessary for
the surgeons to carry out
the operation, after which
the sheep was delivered of
the monster baby that
looked half-human.
The scene which took place
at Fakon Idi Veterinary Clinic,
drew thousands of
onlookers that trooped out
from different parts of the
metropolis to catch a glance
of the strange being.
It took the intervention of
men of the Nigerian Security
and Civil Defence Corps
(NCDSC) in the state to
disperse the huge crowd
who were demanding that
the owner of the animal
should come out to explain
what led to the mystery
birth even as they insisted
that the owner must be
probed and possibly
Some of the onlookers who
spoke with Daily Sun queried
the occurrence that led to
the discovery of the
monster-like lamb, with
many arguing that a man
might have copulated with
the animal.
Garba Aminu, a commercial
motorcycle rider, averred:
“This is an abomination in
our land. To see a sheep give
birth to a half human being
is a mystery and that shows
how terrible some people
are. It is unimaginable that
some people will be having
intercourse with animals.”
Another onlooker, who
simply gave his name as
Danladi, wondered how such
a development could happen
in a morally upright state
like Sokoto where the
Islamic faith is so deep.
When our correspondent
sought official response to
the mystery birth, the
surgeons that carried-out
the operation had a different
Deputy Zonal Director,
Veterinary Clinic in the state
Ministry of Forestry and
Animal Health, Dr. Ismail
Usman, debunked the
rumours going about that
the sheep was delivered of a
human-like being.
“It was a surprise that
people’s perspective could
be so negative when it
comes to scientific reasoning
and thoughts. In fact, the
meaning attached to the
development on the
pregnant sheep by the
onlookers was
embarrassing.” Dr. Usman
He explained that the sheep
was supposed to have been
delivered two days earlier
but could not, a situation
that he described as unusual
among animals, especially
His words: “When they
brought the animal down to
our office here, it was
discovered that the sheep
had some problems during
its pregnancy. That was
responsible for the abnormal
growth and the shape of the
inborn lamb.”
He advised all owners of
livestock in the state to take
the health of their animals
very seriously, noting that
there are enough veterinary
personnel in the state to
attend to their health cases.
“Bringing animals for
antenatal exercise would be
a great help in curtailing any
abnormalities during
Another expert, Dr. Dahiru
Sani who was one of the
surgeons that carried out
the operation on the
controversial sheep said
infections such as German
measles, excess drugs and
radiation could cause such
abnormalities in animal
According to him, “every
layman would believe that
such a picture is a human-
like animal, but in science, it
is just a condition that
caused the incident.”

Nigeria senator Ali Ndume 'linked to Boko Haram'
Skigba News update!! on 11/23/2011 at 12:14pm (UTC)
 A Nigerian senator has been charged over his alleged links to the Boko Haram Islamist militants who have staged numerous deadly attacks in recent months.

Ali Ndume has been questioned by secret police since Monday night.

He denied charges of intimidation and breach of trust after an alleged Boko Haram spokesman said Mr Ndume had paid him to send threatening text messages.

Boko Haram recently killed at least 63 people in a series of raids.

In August it bombed the UN headquarters in Abuja, killing 24 people.

Mr Ndume is a member of a presidential taskforce, which explored the possibility of opening talks with the Islamist militants.

He is a senator from Nigeria's ruling People's Democratic Party from Borno state, where Boko Haram first emerged.

Boko Haram means "Western education is forbidden". Parts of the group say they want Sharia, Islamic law, more widely applied across Nigeria, but correspondents say most factions are focused on local issues.

It has carried out many attacks on police and government institutions in both Borno state and more recently other parts of the country.
'Political patronage'

The secret police (SSS) said on Monday they had discovered links between Boko Haram and regional politicians after the arrest and questioning on 3 November of the group's alleged spokesman Ali Sanda Umar Konduga.
Continue reading the main story
Boko Haram: Timeline of terror

* 2002: Founded
* 2009: Hundreds killed when Maiduguri police stations stormed
* 2009: Boko Haram leader Mohammed Yusuf killed
* Dec 2010: Bombed Jos, killing 80
* 2010-2011: Dozens killed in Maiduguri shootings
* May 2011: Bombed several states after president's inauguration
* Aug 2011: UN HQ bombed in Abuja
* Nov 2011: Dozens killed in north-eastern town of Damaturu

Police alleged Mr Konduga was the Boko Haram spokesman quoted in the Nigerian media using the name Usman al-Zawahiri.

"His arrest further confirms the service position that some of the Boko Haram extremists have political patronage and sponsorship," SSS spokeswoman Marilyn Ogar said.

The statement also said Mr Konduga had been behind threatening text messages sent to judges and politicians, which he said Mr Ndume had paid for.

Boko Haram launched an uprising in Borno in 2009 which was put down by the Nigerian military. Boko Haram's leader, Mohammed Yusuf, was captured by the army, handed over to the police, and later found dead.

The group has since re-emerged, carrying out a series of shootings and bombings.

There has been speculation about whether Boko Haram has links with external extremist groups, including al-Qaeda's North African branch.

Nigerians go to war over Post-JAMB ‘Scrap it’; ‘No, don’t try it’
Skigba News update!! on 11/15/2011 at 4:32pm (UTC)
 For the umpteenth time, Education Committees of the National Assembly have described the conduct of Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) by the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education as illegal, thus signaling another round of disagreement among key stakeholders, especially between the institutions and the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and leading to a public debate on the issue.

Few weeks ago, the upper chamber of the National Assembly after a motion raised by Senator Heineken Lokpobiri directed its Committee on Education under the chairmanship of Senator Uche Chukwumereije, to investigate the conduct of Post-UTME by universities based on the avalanche of complaints calling for its abrogation.

Last year, a member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Samson Positive, from Kogi State, dropped a bombshell when he said the Post-UTME being conducted by the tertiary institutions was illegal and contrary to the Act, establishing JAMB and argued that the test was an additional burden.
In a swift reaction to Senator Lokpobiri’s motion, Pro-Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and some stakeholders defended the conduct of the test while JAMB aligned itself with the position of the two education committees.

The ripples generated by the Upper Chamber’s debate leading to the description of the conduct of the Post-UTME by the institutions as illegal, has certainly opened up another battlefront between JAMB and the institutions. It will be recalled that JAMB has, in recent past, canvassed the scrapping of the post-UTME test, arguing that it ran contrary to the law that established the exam body. The battle has shifted to the floor of the Senate whose committee is expected to submit their report, arising from the public debate on the issue.

The controversial test was started in 2005 by the tertiary institutions as part of their internal quality control aside from the passing of UTME by the students. According to the institutions, the exercise was embarked upon as a result of lack of trust in the dubious high scores being posted by JAMB candidates. They claim that some candidates with high mark in UTME, after securing admission perform badly in their various courses in the university. It was alleged that such candidates use mercenaries to write the matriculation exam.

The Post-UTME was welcomed by stakeholders because it would eliminate impersonation and other fraudulent acts but each year the universities jack up exam fees, thereby making it difficult for candidates from poor homes, particularly those who chose two or three institutions, to participate in the exercise.

Many candidates have been said to have lost their lives in auto accident while going or returning from sitting for the Post-UTME thus making the exercise a big burden for parents.

Supporting the scrapping of the Post-UTME, Mr. Justin Chieke, a lecturer at the Institute of Aviation Management of Nigeria, in an article pointed out that Decree No.2 of 1978 (amended by Decree No. 33 of 1989) empowers JAMB to among other things, conduct matriculation examination for admission into all universities, polytechnics, monotechnics and colleges of education and also place suitable qualified candidates in the tertiary institutions.

Supporting the argument of the proponents of the Post-UTME, Chieke stressed that “aside from the fact that the test is not backed by the law, there is nothing in the graduates of the last five years that shows that they are better than those before them. Thus, this shows that the problem goes beyond JAMB.”

He continued: “What is being masqueraded now as Post-UTME test is nothing but admission bazaar and racketeering. We have heard of cases where those who did not even sit for UTME were not only allowed to participate in the Post-UTME but ended up being offered admission at the expense of those who sat for the UTME. It is the legacies of the past regime, which must be abolished for national interest.

Since the introduction of the Post-UTME test, we have not recorded any significant reduction in cult activities or improvement in the standard of education in Nigerian higher institutions. Rather, the situation has assumed a worse dimension. JAMB remains the only body vested with the authority to place candidates into the Nigerian higher institutions. The statute that established it did not provide that its products should be subjected to another form of examination by the institutions. Since there has yet to be a new law repealing JAMB Act, everything that has been done through the Post-UTME test is illegal.”

The decree establishing JAMB, according to those queuing behind the scrapping of the Post-UTME, has not been repealed or amended by the National Assembly, so where did the institutions conducting the test get their powers from, they queried. A parent, Mr. Kunle Demola, was categorical when he told Daily Sun that the institutions are currently engaged in act of lawlessness because their action is not backed by the law of the country. The main motive of the universities, he argues, is to rake in money at the expense of poor candidates.

Mr. Demola’s bitterness against the Post-UTME is understandable. Three years ago, his son scored 292 in JAMB and was to read Law in one of the federal universities but that test stood in his way as a stumbling block. “My boy scored 48 in the Post-UTME and was not offered admission. Till date, he is still at home and has written about three UTME without success. But for the Post-UTME my son should be in his third year by now.”

“My brother has written this Post-UTME four times but they have refused to give him admission even though he scored over 200 in JAMB, so I really don’t know what to say concerning this Post-UTME thing,” laments Anne Ugwu, a civil servant, I am confused about Nigeria and I am not happy about the situation. He would have been in his fourth year at least studying Medicine because this year will make it the fifth time he has gone for the screening but up till now nothing has come out of it so I don’t know what to say, but I’m still trusting in God hoping that one day he will get the admission.”

Joel Williams David, awaiting admission into the university agrees with Demola. “I don’t think the Post-UTME is necessary because the main reason JAMB was introduced is for one to enrol into the university and sitting for and passing JAMB very well means you are eligible to go to the university. So the Post-UME to me is not necessary. The Post-UME is a waste of time because most of the time you see a student who scores 230, 250 in JAMB not getting admission because of the shady activities going on in some of these campuses in the name of godfatherrism, where someone who is not as competent as the other student who scored 250 will gain admission because of one connection or the other.”

“I don’t think there is any need for Post-UTME,” says Seth Elisha Manga, an OND graduate of Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi. “If the universities want money from students, they should not use the Post-UTME as a guise for doing that, we will be willing to give them the N1500, or even more if we are sure we will get the admission instead of writing this Post-UTME because they are wasting most our time as well as putting tension on students, some of who are fending for themselves, students like me who do not have anybody to take care of them.”

Other Nigerians interviewed and who didn’t see any need for the Post-UTME include Ada Nwachukwu, Emmanuel Diya, all civil servants and Andrew Zira, working with Edo Broadcasting Services. While Nwachukwu and Zira see it as an avenue of money-making for the universities, Diya sees it as a waste of student’s time.

While the likes of Chieke, Demola, David, Manga, Nwachukwu, Diya, Zira support the scrapping of Post-UTME, Yusuf Rasheed, Mike Olakunle, Benny Atuwa and Mary Bankole are among the numerous stakeholders that are up in arms against those calling for the abolishment of the test. According to him, his daughter scored 223 in UTME in 2008 after four attempts but was offered admission based on her performance in the Post-UTME to read Banking and Finance at University of Ibadan.
His last son has been offered admission, likewise, based on his high score in the UNILAG Post-UTME to study Engineering. Wondering why the National Assembly, JAMB and some few stakeholders would call for the scrapping of the test, he noted that it has exposed candidates who engaged the services of mercenaries during UTME to obtain high marks only to be exposed by the rigours of academic works when eventually admitted.

“I think the Post-UTME is a way of screening the students more, knowing the environment they will be coming into, but even though the Post-UTME is not entirely clean, at least it is better than JAMB,” says Atuwa, a civil servant.
“They say learning never ends, you learn from everywhere,” notes Bankole a student of Pharmacy, Lagos State University. “So if you go for that screening, at least you will gain knowledge about the university and what to expect if you gain admission into it.”
Making his own contribution, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Lagos State University (LASU), Mr. Ayodele Johnson, disclosed that Post-UTME is inadequate in solving admission problems confronting our nation institutions of higher learning, noting that “the problems of malpractices in JAMB which led to the introduction of the Post-UTME test in 2005, has pervaded the Post-UTME exercises in most universities.”

But that is not to say that he supports the scrapping of Post-UTME or JAMB either. Lamenting that nothing has been done to solve the problem of JAMB, Johnson said: “we’ve had several cases where some candidates obtained excellent score like 300-plus in JAMB but failed to attain an average score in Post-UTME. There have also been instances where candidates who performed poorly in JAMB did well in the Post-UTME. This simply shows that these students were able to manipulate their way through one phase of the exams and were unfortunate in the other.”

While urging parents, schools and churches to promote societal values of the past when honesty and hard-work were greatly cherished, in order to create a society where the students want to make good grades by working hard, he identified lack of such values as the reason most students’ lack the right psychological and academic constructs suitable for the university.
Backing the Post-UTME, the Principal of Trinity International School, Ibadan, Mr. Mike Olakunle, argued that since its introduction some years ago, it has helped to expose the lies of the so-called high flyers who after admission, can’t cope with the rigorous demands of their studies. He tasked JAMB to rather back the innovation by the universities to better the examination-result-measurement system.

He faulted the federal lawmakers for describing the Post-UTME as illegal and warned them not to tamper with the status quo as doing so would not augur well for the system as those not fit for tertiary education would then have more access than the qualified.
Already, the institutions have the backing of the Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission (NUC), Professor Julius Okojie, to continue the test but certainly the battle has just began as JAMB seemed determined push its case through with the Federal lawmakers.

Boko Haram targets Gov Kashim’s convoy
Skigba News update!! on 11/15/2011 at 4:31pm (UTC)
 An explosive device believed to have been thrown by the Boko Haram and targeted at the convoy of Gov Kashim Shettima yesterday afternoon in Maiduguri went off few minutes after the governor’s convoy passed the area.

Governor Kashim who was received at the Maiduguri Airport yesterday afternoon by thousands of All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) supporters was riding in a long convoy which included senior government officials, ANPP chieftains and friends of the governor following the favourable verdict of the Justice Sani Adamu-led Borno Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal in Abuja last week.

But shortly after driving past the Airport-Bulunkutu Road to the Government House with the party supporters in a big funfair, an explosive believed to have been thrown by the Boko Haram men went off. The governor who arrived the state from Abuja at about 3.30 pm was just about a kilometre from the Bulunkutu end, the scene of the incident, when the blast was heard, causing panic among residents and some of the supporters who had come to cheer the governor.

A military officer said the explosion was targeted at the convoy of the governor but maintained the tight security measures put in place by the police and the Joint Task Force to ensure the reception organize to celebrate the governor’s victory at the tribunal “might have forced the bombers to beat a retreat by only creating panic with the blast almost 40 minutes after the governor convoy had passed.”
JTF Operational Officer, Colonel Victor Ebheleme told Daily Sun the blast was not an explosion. “How can you call that one an explosion, it was just a small thing in a small container. It is not a bomb blast at all,” he maintained.
Police Commissioner, Simeon Midenda said the blast came from a canister thrown at a police patrol vehicle, adding that, “it did not affect either the targeted vehicle or any person around.”

But the governor was however undeterred as he continued to wave at the thick crowd while the convoy proceeded. He later told journalists shortly after arriving the Government House Maiduguri that his government “will continue to toe the path of peace and negotiation.” He called on the opposition party to “sheathe their swords of political hostility and join him in running the state.
He said though the victory was a thing of joy to him and his party, but noted that he did not even enjoy the luxury of a protracted legal tussle in Borno taking into cognizance the developmental challenges and the insurgency facing us in the state. “So I wish to once again implore on members of the opposition to sheathe their swords and come and join hands with us for the greater glory of Borno”
Governor Shettima appealed to the people of the state to join him in administering the state especially as the election petition matter was believed to be over.

“I do not claim the monopoly of knowledge and with all sense of humility, I call on all and sundry to join hands with us as Borno is for all of us and it is our duty to see that we have catapulted the state to the highest level of development; for our people have suffered more than enough and it now beholds all of us to ensure that their suffering are alleviated,” he disclosed.

Readers sob over T.A. Orji’s Paranoia
Skigba News update!! on 11/15/2011 at 4:30pm (UTC)
 True leadership offers no hiding place to those who lead. The catchphrase is that those in positions of authority should walk the job. That means accentuating the positive, do things that elevate, learn about people, and what they think. Unfortunately, many political leaders in our country don’t follow this wise counsel.

They scoff at it and assume they are all-knowing. No one is, except God. The very moment Governor T.A. Orji of Abia state took the gun and fired all non-indigenes in the state public service, he touched the hornet’s nest.

Without knowing it, he has murdered sleep. But, we pray he should be allowed to sleep in peace. But, a preponderance of readers’ reactions clearly indicates that’s one of the most bizarre decisions any politician with an eye on the future can ever contemplate, talk less implement. But, T.A. Orji has become somewhat like a Teflon, a man soaked in his own controversy. Was it a decision informed by self-interest or lack of political maturity or both? Can T.A. Orji think again? A summary of the reactions that follow demonstrates one simple truth: the absence of good leadership cannot lead to any legacy worth remembering. Excerpts:

T.A. Orji is also “killing traders”
Mr. Dan, your write up on Gov. T. A. Orji’s paranoia is hitting the nail on its head. It’s nothing but he truth, and I commend you for your courage. Governor Orji has not only sacked non-indigenes, he has currently imposed a compulsory levy of N2000 (two thousand naira) on every trader at Ariaria market, Aba. This particular market has no access road. Last year, we, the traders, were forced to pay N1000 each as “infrastructural development levy”, but nothing was done with the money his administration collected from us. Up till now, the roads leading to Ariaria have not been repaired. This man is killing us.
From Chris, Aba,

This man has no bearing
The administration of Governor T. A. Orji has no bearing. And your write up captures the failure of his government. I do business in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and there people are asking: What’s this man doing in Abia State? I don’t know.
From Cyril Offor

He is heartless
Dan, after reading your opinion on Gov. T. A. Orji’s paranoia, I was angered the more with his government and the action of a man who claims to be a leader. Journalists should not relent in their efforts because the pen is sharper than the sword. I know what those he has sacked are going through because I have been in that shoe before.
From Mr. Jombo

He has mortgaged the future of Abians
Mr. Dan, I like the way you write, so philosophical and so spiritual. You see, the casualities of Governor T. A. Orji’s “back loading” are not necessarily those who have lost their jobs, they are Abians and their future generation who will no longer walk confidently and freely along the streets of Owerri, Enugu, Awka, Abakiliki, etc. it is terrible.
Rowland Ibecheozor

We don’t need a man like
After reading what Gov. T. A. Orji has done to his fellow Igbo, I ask; where is the Igbo spirit of brotherhood? Is this how the Biafran state will be formed? What is the rationale for the sack of non-Abians? What are the compensatory mechanisms for those he has caused this trauma? Where these people not adding their professional skill/value to the development of Abia State? Certainly, we don’t need a man like this at the helm of affairs in this country.
From Austenol

Not the way to Govern
Mr. Dan, after reading your opinion on Gov. T. A. Orji, I felt relieved that somebody, somewhere, is siding with the depraved and is quite uncomfortable with the age-long racism that is practiced in Abia. It is pertinent to state here that this unwholesome policy of Gov. T. A. Orji is so widespread in Abia. It is even worse in Ngwa land. Ohaneze Ndigbo, a body that ought to address issues such as this one appears to be so docile and myopic as to fathom the inherent dangers in regarding fellow Igbo in such derogatory terms as Nwa Ohuhu. The sacking of fellow Ndigbo in Abia state is to me, the most unpopular action that this government of T. A. Orji can never surpass. It is a sad commentary of how not to govern.
From Humphrey,

The worst is yet to come from T.A. Orji
Let nobody be shocked. Gov. T. A. Orji has finished yet. Don’t shocked by any order call it decree from him that all Abians whose spouses are not indigenes should leave the state. He does not think about the futre. This is just the beginning of the downfall of an inexperienced and greedy man in authority. Mark word.
From Odiari.

What T. A. Orji should do!!
Mr. Dan, why are you surprised? I am not, because the problem of T. A. Orji is well-known to everybody who knows him and his background. He should go back to his political godfather, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu who threw him up in the first place, and confess his “sins” before more calamities fall him.
From Tony, Nnewi

Who will call him to order?
Gov. T. A. Orji action against non-Abians is simply not a welcome development and should be condemned by all. It’s unacceptable in the eyes of any right thinking person. The Governor should reverse this decision. Abia state is endowed with natural resources which a creative governor can harness to pay the so-called minimum wage for workers rather than depending on Federal allocation and this obnoxious policy of sacking non-indigenes. With a man as this, how can South East move forward when there is this kind of discrimination. Elders in the south East ought to call this man to order now before he does further harm.
From Chika Nnorom

Dear Mr Dan,
I just read your article on the above subject; it is indeed heart touching. No one would have expected a public office holder to take such an awful decision at a critical as this, or at any other time. My thought goes to all who have been affected by that and I pray the find pasture soonest. The article will be a source of hope, strength and comfort to many. It would also be nice if you could find a way to bring the article to national discuss.
Kind regards,
Kodak Emerson

Oga Dan,
I want to thank you for your honorable article. You are doing great job, I wish I have the telephone number to Mr. President. That will enable me tell him personally on the critical issues facing our country. Some of our rich politicians in the national assembly do not have an idea of creating a good quality job opportunities for our young graduate. This is the time of transformation that Mr. President put on his manifesto. A time of great to greatness. Why should we debate on what to do with our fuel! Our natural resources that God bless us with.
Ebere Obi.

I read your write-up of Sun newspaper of Tuesday, 8th Nov. 2011 with utmost attention but with great displeasure of Gov T.A ORJI’S actions. I would say that he lacked the political will power to govern Abia State. As it rightly said, you can’t give what you don’t have so, it is not surprise to me of his inhuman actions. His political jobbers are applauding his inefficiency, forgetting that when God’s tsunami will come his way, he will remember that man is GOD to man. Oga Dan don’t be tired of this for your articles have been a succor to many especially to those sacked by an unruly actions of an ingrate like Gov T.A Orji. GOD bless you sir.


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Money & Sex are the two things young lovers seek for. Girls cheat on males on daily basis, claiming to be their lovers, promising heaven and earth, making the male feel so much about her but all to no avail when cheat came to be the order o...f the day. Both the male & female now play games. When this happenes, who is then worthy to be trusted? 'i love you' has been a word used out of emotion, even when you don't love the person. All because of Money & Sex. They exist here on earth before our existence, and will also exist even when we are gone so why are we in a hurry for it..This has caused more harm than good. Oh money & sex!! What are you turning this century into, making no one have trust. Girls nowadays don't have one lover because of this reason, they jump from one man to another. That's why you see a woman of 31-43 above not yet married. Why? Because when they were young, men came from different walls of life but they won't stick to one until after they are satisfied, realising their mistakes, they start l0oking for a younger male. One can hardly find a woman or man who has only but one lover. Why? They want to get connected to everyone, knowing everything and testing them to0. What will it benefit a young l0ver, after all this and it caused damages and problems to him/her in the nearest future! A past0r once said that he attend to people with HIV/AIDS positive just as the Doctor attends to patients suffering fr0m malaria. (i.e they are t0o many)
Let's change and make this world a better place.


Love is nice when you fall in love but when you've a broken heart, then it seems that love is wicked but love is not...... We make mistakes by not knowing our true love..... Endangering our hearts to "LUST"

Only love can bring two
strangers to know each other
love links two people
love is not a respectar of distance
tribe, age, race or religion
people defines love with many definitions making it complicated for new begineers.

when love brings two persons
they become lovers
One says;
'You are like the silky gazelle
of the esteemed paradise
blasing reliance on me
in a blissful beam'

Oh love!!! You are wicked
when you delay
and kind when you join easily

You are bitter and honey
the emotional feeling that
cannot be hidden
which one may have
for another

The breeze of love crosses
our heart when we see
someone we love
you have gone far
mending broken hearts
and joining broken lovers

Having many friends-
having all in mind
love decides whom to choose
be wise in making decisions
life is bitter without love
life is sweet with love

People are happily sad
while others are moaning
in the painful pleasure
of the act of love
when love goes, then comes
bitter, sorrow and pain.

And sound that early-laureled head
will flock to gaze the
strengthless dead
and find unwithered on it's curs
The garland briefer than a girl's


written by:
Nwakanma Sabastine..
I sat there staring,
viewing & watching
move she made. She
is so beautiful, her smile
could make
your spine
Her voice ran like the
harp of olypums.
Her lips
wuld taste like
She was my
But i could not tell
how i felt cause i never
her again.
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