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Jos crisis: Why army can’t perform magic –Ihejirika
Skigba News update!! on 02/24/2011 at 4:52am (UTC)
 The Chief of Army Staff
(COAS), Lieutenant-
General Azubuike
Onyeabor Ihejirika has
identified bitterness
among the various
warring factions involved
in the Jos crisis as the
major reason the
incessant violence in that
state may not come to an
Ihejirika, while saying the
army could not do much
in this regard, however,
said it had put in
adequate security
apparatus in the state to
enhance security of lives
and property but warned
that the crises in the
Plateau and other internal
security problems across
the country required
greater attention as the
nation counted down to
the 2011 general elections.
The army chief, who
made this known in an
interview with journalists
at the ongoing chief of
army staff first quarter
conference holding in
Abuja, described the Jos
crisis as a “complex
political issue” that could
only be addressed by the
political class and not the
According to Lieutenant-
General Ihejirika, “the Jos
problem is a complex
political issue that has to
be addressed politically
and we have also put
certain measures in place,
which will enhance
security of lives and
property there.
“If you observed, the last
few crises that erupted
there were brought
under control within 24
hours and we have now
divided the areas into
various sectors and
appointed senior
commanders. We have
also rotated the soldiers
who have stayed there
for too long out of the
“But there is serious level
of bitterness among the
warring factions that
needs to be addressed
The COAS, while noting
that the Nigerian army
troops had succeeded in
reducing the kidnapping
saga in the South-east
while the Boko Haram
religious sect in the
North-east was being
managed effectively and
stabilizing youth
restiveness and militancy
in the Niger Delta region,
among other security
challenges in the country
to the barest minimum,
however, pointed that in
spite of all these
achievements, the army
was still faced with
numerous challenges.
The army boss warned
that “the crisis in the
Plateau and other internal
security problems across
the country require
greater attention. As we
count down to the 2011
general elections, I believe
these challenges will
become more intensified
if recent developments
are anything to go by.”
Ihejirika, who said the
three-day COAS first
quarterly conference
tagged, “Internal Security
Outlook for the 2011
General Election,” would,
among others, equip
army personnel with the
necessary tools to
enhance their proficiency
and readiness to tackle
the challenges ahead of
them during the general
elections, said the
provision of troop-
carrying vehicles and the
repairs of several
armoured fighting
vehicles for various
formations and units
since his assumption of
office have had
tremendous impact on
their performance.

Confession of a witch We helped Dagrin succeed
Skigba News update!! on 02/20/2011 at 5:01pm (UTC)
 What do you get when a
witch is on Youtube (a video
sharing website where users
can share, upload and watch
videos)? She confesses
about many things especially
about late rapper, Dagrin.
You also get mixed reactions
in the form of “authoritative”
analysis, illogical
explanations, denials etc.
Lately, twitter was awash
with info from Nigerians
about “a witch” who claimed
to be helping some Nigerians
in climbing the ladder of
success .
The “witch” (Esther Falodun)
mentioned many notable
Nigerians from Obasanjo to
Babaginda but what caught
many people ’s attention was
that Dagrin’s name is on her
list as well as Fathia’s and
Saidi Balogun in the video
titled Asiri Nla.
Sources said the alleged
“ witch” died immediately
after her confession in which
she claimed to belong to the
same group as Fathia
Balogun and that she helped
Dagrin to attain fame and
popularity. Falodun said she
had to cut him “short” when
he did not honor his part of
the deal.
Dagrin’s name in her list of
beneficiaries surprised quite
some people, because the
deceased rapper died within
six months of his rise to
stardom. It ’s indisputable
that the late rapper became
famous by featuring in YQ ’s
album in 2009. He established
himself as an artist of note
with lyrical rhythms and many
collabos . His second album
was a classic hit and many
predicted he would rule
2010, but just when the fame
and money started rolling in,
Dagrin, whose real name is
Olaitan Olaonipekun died few
days after a ghastly motor
accident at a Lagos hospital.
Falodun’s confession which
is on CD is selling in Lagos
and has resulted in a
controversy about the
authenticity of her
confessions. Many believe
her confessions were stage-
Tunde, Dagrin’s manager,
said the woman lied. “The
whole thing was cooked-up .
We don ’t have time for
people like that. The young
woman also alleged she
helped Obasanjo and
Babaginda. How old was she
to have helped these
people? Secondly, she
confessed in a room
privately. A confession is not
done in a room, it is done
publicly. They are looking for
what to eat ” he concluded.
Ope Banwo said the video
and confession CD is “riddled
with inaccuracies, production
and factual flaws ” . “To be
honest with you, the whole
thing is fake. I have watched
the video and I ’m sure the
whole thing is fake. The
video depicted a woman who
had been beaten . A chicken
was beside the woman and it
didn ’t move for one hour.
Does that look real to you…?

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I thank God for everything he has been doing in my life and things he is yet to do.
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Money & Sex are the two things young lovers seek for. Girls cheat on males on daily basis, claiming to be their lovers, promising heaven and earth, making the male feel so much about her but all to no avail when cheat came to be the order o...f the day. Both the male & female now play games. When this happenes, who is then worthy to be trusted? 'i love you' has been a word used out of emotion, even when you don't love the person. All because of Money & Sex. They exist here on earth before our existence, and will also exist even when we are gone so why are we in a hurry for it..This has caused more harm than good. Oh money & sex!! What are you turning this century into, making no one have trust. Girls nowadays don't have one lover because of this reason, they jump from one man to another. That's why you see a woman of 31-43 above not yet married. Why? Because when they were young, men came from different walls of life but they won't stick to one until after they are satisfied, realising their mistakes, they start l0oking for a younger male. One can hardly find a woman or man who has only but one lover. Why? They want to get connected to everyone, knowing everything and testing them to0. What will it benefit a young l0ver, after all this and it caused damages and problems to him/her in the nearest future! A past0r once said that he attend to people with HIV/AIDS positive just as the Doctor attends to patients suffering fr0m malaria. (i.e they are t0o many)
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Love is nice when you fall in love but when you've a broken heart, then it seems that love is wicked but love is not...... We make mistakes by not knowing our true love..... Endangering our hearts to "LUST"

Only love can bring two
strangers to know each other
love links two people
love is not a respectar of distance
tribe, age, race or religion
people defines love with many definitions making it complicated for new begineers.

when love brings two persons
they become lovers
One says;
'You are like the silky gazelle
of the esteemed paradise
blasing reliance on me
in a blissful beam'

Oh love!!! You are wicked
when you delay
and kind when you join easily

You are bitter and honey
the emotional feeling that
cannot be hidden
which one may have
for another

The breeze of love crosses
our heart when we see
someone we love
you have gone far
mending broken hearts
and joining broken lovers

Having many friends-
having all in mind
love decides whom to choose
be wise in making decisions
life is bitter without love
life is sweet with love

People are happily sad
while others are moaning
in the painful pleasure
of the act of love
when love goes, then comes
bitter, sorrow and pain.

And sound that early-laureled head
will flock to gaze the
strengthless dead
and find unwithered on it's curs
The garland briefer than a girl's


written by:
Nwakanma Sabastine..
I sat there staring,
viewing & watching
move she made. She
is so beautiful, her smile
could make
your spine
Her voice ran like the
harp of olypums.
Her lips
wuld taste like
She was my
But i could not tell
how i felt cause i never
her again.
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