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Cement King: How Aliko Dangote Wangled His Way To Billionaires' List
Skigba News Update!!! on 03/11/2011 at 7:58am (UTC)
 Aliko Dangote aboard his
yatcht eating berbequed
By SaharaReporters,
New York
With his fortune
roaring upwards
from $2.1 billion to $
13.8 billion in the
short space of a
year, Nigerian
entrepreneur Aliko
Dangote has
bounded up the
heights of the Forbes
magazine ’s
billionaire’s list.
In his stupendous
rise, Mr. Dangote has
elbowed aside talk
show hostess Oprah
Winfrey, Facebook
owner Mike
Zuckerberg, and
American real estate
mogul Donald
Trump, among
Or as the Forbes
chroniclers of the
world ’s richest
people like to point
out, he ’s now richer
than the richest white
South Africans –
namely Nicky
Oppenheimer of
Debeers and Johann
Rupert of the luxury
goods group,
Richemont which
owns Cartier, Dunhill
and other premium
The Kano-born
Dangote was a
commodity trader,
but he obtained his
massive wealth
during the regime of
President Olusegun
Obasanjo who
encouraged the sell-
off of state-owned
presidential aircraft
and government
properties to
Dangote and other
Essentially, Dangote’s
wealth is the
equivalent of 7% of
Nigeria ’s gross
domestic product
Manipulating his
unfettered access to
those in the seat of
political power in
Nigeria, Mr. Dangote
seized virtually full
possession of the
cement market and
swept up some of
the highest import
quotas of all local
companies. He also
received lavish
import and export
waivers from the
Obasanjo, Yar ’adua
and now Jonathan
Mr. Dangote’s style
has been to ignore
allegations of cement
price-fixing, over-
inflated IPOs and
resale of Broadband
Apart from his
generous handouts
from various
regimes, the 53-
year-old Dangote
also serves on
government boards
and operatives within
shady political
campaign groups
that raise unrestricted
funds for presidential
campaigns and
In 2009, Mr. Dangote
was involved in a
share manipulation
scam involving
African Petroleum
(AP) Plc, a company
owned by Femi
Otedola, his alter ego
and erstwhile friend.
Mr. Otedola accused
Dangote of
precipitating a sharp
drop in the shares of
AP in order to erase
Mr. Otedola from the
Forbes billionaires ’
The ambitious
Dangote says he
expects his firm to
have a market cap of
$60 billion within five
years. Mr. Dangote is
currently on Mr.
Goodluck Jonathan's
Campaign Council.
Meanwhile, last
year ’s billionaire-
banker, Mike
Adenuga, has fallen
to 595th place in the
Forbes list.
Mr. Dangote is set to
turn a few heads
with his brand-new
Bombardier Global
Express XRS private
jet that seats 8. Price
tag? A mere $45
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March 11, 2011 - 08:04
— libertymoer
Nigerians we hv to be
proud to hv fellow
citizins in forbes
recognition we pray
for more Nigerians to
be listed in future,
March 11, 2011 - 06:48
— acube
Currently Dangote
cement, made in naija
and exported, is sold
in Ghana on the street
for less than N1,300
but in naija for more
than N2,000. If indeed
the naija price is
market price how
does he manage to
sell for a little more
than half of that in
Ghana despite the
added cost of
exporting to Ghana?
There is no industry
Dangote is in where
he doesn't try to
create a cartel and
artificial inflation
whereby he drains
you and I of
substance in order to
amass his billions and
be counted 'blessed'.
Maybe his ascendancy
on the Forbes list and
the North African
revolutions explain his
recently announced
N20b naira fund that
will LEND to SMEs. Call
it image laundering.
With the likes of
Goodluck in power
the government
handouts in the form
of duty waivers and
protected industries
can be expected to
continue until Dangote
gets to his dream of
being the richest man
in the world. That
might make you and I
the poorest
(homeless) people but
what does it matter if
our bro is top dog?
I hope SR can do a
real job on this fellow
who climbs the ladder
of imports to create
his empires and then
insists on denying
the likes of Ibeto of the
same privilege. Our
GDP might quadruple
without poverty being
dented one bit as long
as almost all the spoils
go to Dangote and his
ilk. The supply of
cement has more
than tripled even while
the price continues to
skyrocket afterall.
March 11, 2011 - 03:45
— Tobi Walker (not
I don't think anyone
gets it!!!!!!
Being this rich
requires some falling
into abject poverty.
We say 70% of
Nigerians are poor,
we can clearly see
where there wealth
has gone.
Guys go out and read
far and wide on
political theory and
issues to do with
income inequality and
then you will
understand the
message of this
All the public
companies privatized
was simply a massive
transfer of wealth
from the Nigerian
people (public
companies are owned
by everyone in a
country) to a few
people. Dangote will
never have become
this rich without this
kind of transfer.
Conclusion: Dangote is
no different from
treasury looters!!!
March 11, 2011 - 02:37
— squeaky clean segun
(not verified)
leave him alone..
At least he is better
than other Nigerians
that got their money
through doggy
means and took it
overseas. He is
investing in Nigeria
and providing jobs,
which is good. I don't
condone corruption
but if you were to ask
me which is better; A
thief that steals from
Nigeria and takes it
overseas or a thief
that steals in Nigeria
and invests in Nigeria,
from an economics'
point of view, I will go
for the later.
March 11, 2011 - 01:59
— Akin Eso (not
You guys should shut
Praise the man. Other
people have stolen
money and had
access to govt the
guy built a business
His smart busniess
decisions took him
there not govt
money. Why is OBJ
not on the list.
Please do something
better when you
March 11, 2011 - 01:25 —
ARUS (not verified)
Do it if u can or shut up
n congratulate
the art of making
money is all about
opportunity not (ties)
recognize n grab,
Microsoft, Telecom,
Cement n so on they
all grabbed before the
government could
wrangled some
portion from them, so
be proud of Aliko n
Adenuga from Nigeria
as a riser n debutant
respectively..... except
a civil servant
mentality will not take
advantage of a
the advent of
facebook people still
debuted as billionaires
in social media....stay
March 11, 2011 - 01:25 —
Dr. E (not verified)
Dangote and d Forbes
Let me summarize all
d 'jargons' and
comments here.
Dangote has been
successful in a corrupt
system that would
allow someone
manipulate the
economy and have
full monopoly to
commodities that can
make any
quadruple his wealth
within a year. But
remember this would
not happen forever.
Someday we'll have a
government being
headed by someone
in the likes of S.L.
Sanusi who'll bring
corrupt monopolist
like Dangote to face
the wrath of the law.
At that time, people
like me would topple
the mighty Dangote
from the Forbes list
and even take-on the
likes of Bill Gates and
Carlos Slim-Helu.
Forbes, a whirl wind
is brewing in Naija.
Watch out for the oil
March 11, 2011 - 01:23 —
yanmah-yanmah (not
Incomplete Pix
I am more interested
in what the Pix did not
tell us. Please repaste
the pix so we can see
who Alhaji Aliko is so
comfortable as to be
eating suya with in the
same plate. Rich
people don't waste
time with people who
don't have something
to bring to the table.
So, who is dining with
Aliko ?
Every country has its
carpetbargers or
robber barons.
America has
Carnegie Mellons,
Kennedys etc----Go
read their histories
and see how they
created their wealth.
Nigeria is better with
the likes of Aliko that is
recycling the money
in Nigeria because of
the multiplier effects in
economics. SR, please
show full pix.
March 11, 2011 - 01:20 —
Dr. E (not verified)
Dangote and d Forbes
Let me summarize all
d 'jargons' and
comments here.
Dangote has been
successful in a corrupt
system that would
allow someone
manipulate the
economy and have
full monopoly to
commodities that can
make any
quadruple his wealth
within a year. But
remember this would
not happen forever.
Someday we'll have a
government being
headed by someone
in the likes of S.L.
Sanusi who'll bring
corrupt monopolist
like Dangote to face
the wrath of the law.
At that time, people
like me would topple
the mighty Dangote
from the Forbes list
and even take-on the
likes of Bill Gates and
Carlos Slim-Helu.
Watch out Forbes, a
whirl wind is brewing
in Naija!
March 11, 2011 - 01:14 —
ARUS (not verified)
On point Yinkos, let the
On point Yinkos, let
the haters talk.......i'm
so proud of this
dude...who has
inspired me to be on
this list in my life time.
March 11, 2011 - 01:06
— ARUS (not verified)
did Bill Gates not
did Bill Gates not
monopolize or Salim ?
March 11, 2011 - 01:05
— aremu (not verified)
check out drum
magazine of the 60s
like printing fake
currency and airline
March 11, 2011 - 01:05
— Okiman (not verified)
Why do we dislike
Why do Nigerians
never see anything
good in other
Nigerians? If
become a big
tommorrow, we shall
attack them too for
conering the internet
news field. Please let
us appreciate
ourselves. There is no
businessman in the
world that is clean to
every one. Let us
appreciate Nigeria for
once please! Ride on
March 11, 2011 - 00:58
— SirZikky (not verified)
My name will be added
Forbes list of world's
richest people
Carlos Slim
America Movil,
Bill Gates
Microsoft, software
Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway,
Bernard Arnault
LVMH, luxury goods
Larry Ellison
Oracle, software
Lakshmi Mittal
ArcelorMittal, steel
Amancio Ortega
Zara, fashion
Eike Batista
Mining, oil
Mukesh Ambani
Reliance Industries,
Petrochemicals to oil
Christy Walton
Wal-Mart, retail
This spot is reserve
for me.
March 11, 2011 - 00:57
— voice (not verified)
we all no his front for
we all no his front for
dirty politicians. he
has Nigerian money in
his pocket. good for
him but not for long.
March 11, 2011 - 00:52
— Anonymous Drap
(not verified)
Benue politics
Can someone explain
what DPROFET is
talking about? I am
from Benue too &
would like to know
what's happening in
political circles there.
March 11, 2011 - 00:46
— Elmango Meat (not
Goodluck to him.
Goodluck to him.
He has at least
established a 20 billion
Naira foundation.
This is a step forward
in improving the lot of
a small drop of 70
million Nigerian
compatriots who
continue to wallow in
abject poverty in the
face of a country that
is so richly endowed
and could easily be an
example to the world
of social and cultural
humanism. W e are in
this dire straits
because of greed and
inept and visionless
sets of wheelers and
dealers called leaders
in the last 50 years.
His other Nigerian
billionaire friends
hidden and
renowned, especially
those who got into
this wealthy list
placement on the
basis of their access to
patronage, direct
embezzlement of
people's fund and by
taking undue political
advantage to elevate
themselves on the list
of rich people, have
done nothing so far.
In view of our state, in
my opinion, this an
empty and
meaningless world
What difference does
that make to any of
us? We are equally
wealthy if wealth, in
spiritual terms is
defined as food and
good health!
I respect wealth that is
obtained by sheer
hard work and
ingenuity as long as it
is used to bless others
as well. Beyond that, it
is ALL vanity.
March 11, 2011 - 00:45
— deesan (not verified)
He comports himself
He comports himself
amazingly like he has
March 11, 2011 - 00:43
— Tony J (not verified)
Keep it up
Speaking of
monopoly, The world
is unfair, it has always
been, and will never
be fair. Capitalist world
is about survival of
fittest. Dating back
1880 when John
Rockefeller was richest
man in the world, he
Petroleum industry
controlling over 75%.
Chevron, Exxon Mobil,
Conoco were all part
of his company
Standard oil before it
was broken down by
Supreme court. US
Govt went to court
with Bill Gates for
Software market.
Current World's
richest man Carlos
Slim controls over
75% of Mexico
telecom (like owning
MTN, Nitel, Glo, Celtel,
Visafone combined
with exception of
Etisilat?) what do you
call that?
Dangote was way a
billionaire since during
Abachas time, he just
got exposed in
Obasanjos era
because his
companies were listed
in stock market.
He is the largest
labour employer after
Fed Govt of Nigeria.
What else do we want
from him? Andy Uba,
TY Danjuma & some
other Generals are
worth $billion, but
where is the money?
in Switzerland?
May God add grease
to your elbows
Dangote & make you
number 1 someday.
March 11, 2011 - 00:31 —
Abbey uk (not verified)
March 11, 2011 - 00:26
— darlingtonbari
Not surprised!!!!
We cant just be the
best in everything
negative for nothing.
Alhaji, carry go
jare...........You are
born with suya in
your mouth and you
can even prepare it in
your new acquired
You made a late entry
into a toy (plane) our
pastors and
politicians are now
using as okada
March 11, 2011 - 00:21 —
Monopoly at it fullest
Monopoly at it fullest
March 11, 2011 - 00:17
— Dangote is better
than our plitician looters
(not verified)
He is better than our
He is better than our
politics made rich
nigerians. he is an
employer of labour.
credit to him.
March 11, 2011 - 00:14
— chris omiyi (not
Dangote has done
very well, he is the
highest employer of
labour in nigeria, i
strongly beleive his
wealth is a result of
focus, business
acumen, religious
judgement which is
faith in his religion and
right judgement. I
don't subscribe to
anybody trying to pull
March 11, 2011 - 00:04
March 11, 2011 - 00:00
The Dangotes have
been in
The Dangotes have
been in business for
many generations, so
we must give him
that. He was born into
this, its the only life he
He is a big contributor
to employment and
trade and therefore
the economy of our
Having said that,
Nigeria has no
competition laws and
no guidelines for fair
Can we blame him for
that? I dont know.
March 10, 2011 - 23:51
— Win Dele (not
Give Credit To The Mam
We should give credit
to whom credit is
due.We know where
Dandote started from
to where he is today.I
am from South South
and as a business
man Dangote desreve
our credit. We should
desist from this pull
down sydrome of the
black man and
Nigerians in particular.
Dangote has never
held a public office nor
loot the treasury as is
the case with all the
currupt politicians
whose only source of
wealth is looting. No
wonder they can't and
will not make the
forbes list. Dangote
created employment
by buying off run
down state assets
which are mis-
managed by currupt
politicians whose only
know how is to loot.
This man deserve our
praises. He is a
shining example of
hard work,
consistency and
March 10, 2011 - 23:46
— Deri (not verified)
Dangote wld have been
in jail if he had come
from d Niger Delta
This the Nigeria that
they claim we all have
equal rights. He made
his money from the
oil sector. Just like
Danjuma and co. If
Dangote had been a
Niger Deltan, he
would have been
resting his smelly ass
in jail by now. Chie
Bango through hard
work from his state in
Bayelsa, established
ALL states Bank.
Ribadu closed it
down. Abule from the
same state created
Crytal Bank. Abacha
closed it down within
minutes and sent him
to jail. Pere Ajuwa
was equally dealt
with. The very zone
that the wealth of the
nation flows from,
has not a single man
who can boast of
having a millon dollar
in his account. So
when we call for fiscal
federalism, and the
abrogation of the land
use decree and
petroleum acts,
Nigeria would say nay
to the rats from the
creeks. Soon very
soon, that
honeymoon will be
over. Ours is to have
our fathers bombed
daily and told on the
face of the bambings
to go to hell. We also
have the right to clone
the Dangotes and
Danjumas in the
creeks. But Nigeria is
saying never. Buhari
had his own share of
the oil windfall of 2.8.
IBB over 12b. While
the rats in the creek
are frequently being
denied the right to
aspire to aso rock.
David west tried it
once. He was thrown
into the jial.
Kensarowiwa was on
his way to making
through his own
sweat. He was
hanged. Its the same
treatment tha Nigeria
wants to apply to GEJ.
So they want us to
partake in their
revolution. A
revolution to deny GEJ
his right. Already GEJ
has been caged again
by the powers that
be. Until you dash us
100 oil blocks we are
not going to vote for
you GET. We hear
them threaten him
daily. Ribadu steal 20
billion from the PSC
and he is treated with
kid gloves. Tinubu
does the same, and
he is showered with
praise. Alams
attempts to pass
through the same
road and he is jailed.
Ibori works to be like
Dangote of Warri he is
quickly thrown on the
runway at Dubai
airport for Emirate air
to run-over him.
Sulodo buys a
mansion in Nondon,
no qualms. Provided
he is not from
pitakwa. U can can
steal the country blind
who cares-that is
Nigeria for you-and
the common wealth-
called national cake in
the Niger Delta. So
what concerns
Dangote with GEJ here
agsin. He made his
money before GEJ
assumed the mantle
of leadership. Have
we stopped to ask
where Buhari and
Ribadu gets the
money to hire jets
daily for their
campaign? Let my
people in the creek go
biko! Its getting too
March 10, 2011 - 23:42
— Gboluwaga (not
There is a Yoruba
adage that says, "Isale
oro legbin." Which I
will translate as "the
root of wealth can be
dirty." That said, if
you look at the history
of most billionaires in
the world, it is by self-
determination to
undermine others or
some crooked way to
get to the top.
Therefore Dangote is
not the only person.
Bill Gate & Co were
very brutal until they
get to the top.
And since I don't
know how Dangote
got his wealth, I
cannot fault him for
being rich. My take is,
if this guy can be
creating jobs for
Nigerians, I wish other
billionaires follow
suite. Yes, there are
Mike Adenuga and
Otedola who I believe
are creating jobs. I'm
also sure that there
are others creating
jobs in their own little
How about having
some of these
billionaires come up
with something
similar to Pep-Boys
auto mechanics / with
spare parts all over
the country? These
chain store can start
hiring our youths for
jobs in the area of
mechanics, and other
wares. This will be
similar to franchising
like the current fast
food restaurants in
Nigeria, which are also
employer of labor.
Congratulations Mr.
Dangote. May you live
long and continue to
provide jobs for our
March 10, 2011 - 23:29
— Michael Ola (not
Thank God For The
Likes Of Dangote
Whatever SR is trying
to portray here,they
have failed and I mean
woefully.Where are
the monies Abacha
and others took over-
seas? Even if Aliko
stole the money he
used to invest,we
glorify God that he
invested it back here
in Nigeria.Let others
take cue from Aliko
and start buz so as to
create jobs to reduce
crime.May you
continue to soar
higher and thank you
OBJ for creating
people like this after
all,'elenu lo lenu',let
them say.

Dangote’s richer than Facebook founder…as Forbes releases World’s Richest People list
Skigba News update!! on 03/10/2011 at 3:21pm (UTC)
 Forbes magazine yesterday, released the 2011 World’s Richest People list with Nigeria’s own industrialist, Aliko Dangote rated as the 51st Richest man in the world, with a networth of $13.8bn and richer than Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg who made the list for the first time with a networth of $13.5bn at the 52nd position.

Despite the recent political crisis in Egypt, the Arab country led other African countries with 8 billionaires on the list , followed by South Africa with 4 billionaires, while Nigeria came 3rd with 2 billionaires. Chief Mike Adenuga joined Dangote on the Forbes’ list rated 597 in the world, and worth $2bn. However, Dangote, according to Forbes is the richest African .

Globally, Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helú is holding on to the title of world’s richest man – for the 2nd year running, worth $74bn while Bill Gates is 2nd and worth $58bn.

See the top 10 richest people, below.

Name Networth

1. Carlos Slim Helú & Family $71bn

2. Bill Gates $56bn

3. Warren Buffet $50bn

4.Bernard Arnault $41bn

5.Larry Ellison(Oracle) $39.5bn

6.Lakshmi Mittal $31.1bn

7.Amancio Ortega $31bn

8.Eike Batista $30 bn

9. Mukesh Ambani $27 bn

10.Christy Walton & family $26.5 bn

Forbes’ list also revealed that Facebook, the social networking giant, with over 500million members, produced 6 billionaires that included Co-founders, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin, and Facebook’s first president, Sean Parker.

Slim Helú, Gates, Dangote and Zuckerberg

With this year’s list, Forbes marked 25years of publishing the World’s Rich list breaking two records: the highest number of billionaires (1,210) and a combined wealth of $4.5 trillion(the highest ever.)

Also, China and Russia joined the United States as countries with over a 100 billionaires. China now has 115 and Russia 101.

Compiling the List

According to Forbes, more than 50 reporters in 13 countries were involved in compiling the 25th annual World’s Billionaires rankings with reporters meeting candidates, their handlers and interviewing employees, rivals, attorneys and securities analysts.

The magazine also estimated billionaires’ networths by valuing individuals’ assets, including stakes in public and private companies, real estate, yachts, art and cash-and account for debt.

Forbes further said that it’s estimates of public fortunes are a snapshot of wealth on Feb. 14, 2011, when it locked in stock prices and exchange rates around the globe.

Germany freezes Libyan Govt. bank accounts
Skigba News Update!!! on 03/10/2011 at 3:19pm (UTC)
 The German government ordered a freeze on Thursday on bank accounts in the country held by the Libyan Central Bank and the Libyan Investment Authority.

Also Russia will ban all weapons sales to Libya, the Kremlin said in a statement on Thursday, effectively suspending its arms contracts with the government of Muammar Gaddafi

The action is aimed at cutting off potential sources of funding for Muammar Gaddafi.

The German economy ministry said the move responded to a European Union decision this week to clamp down on Libyan state banks controlled by Gaddafi.

It also covered the Libya Africa Investment Portfolio and the Libyan Foreign Bank.

“Access to money of the Libyan Central Bank, Libya Africa Investment Portfolio, Libyan Foreign Bank and Libyan Investment Authority is forbidden until further notice,” said the ministry.

It said that the move was taken in coordination with the German foreign and finance ministries and the Bundesbank.

Earlier this week, the EU decided to step up financial sanctions against Libyan leader Gaddafi, his family and some of his aides and supporters of his government.

Gaddafi’s forces launched a fresh bombardment on the eastern Libyan oil town of Ras Lanuf on Thursday, a day after warplanes were reported to have struck another oil port, rebels and witnesses said.

The banks affected by the freeze “are controlled by Muammar Gaddafi and are a potential source of financing for his regime”, said the German ministry in a statement.

The targets of the new EU financial sanctions include the 70 billion dollars, LIA, a sovereign fund that has used oil and gas revenue to invest in prominent European assets including banks and a defence company.

Europe has also placed a travel ban on the Libyan leader and his family and followers as well as imposing an arms embargo.

It also placed a ban on exports of equipment such as riot gear and tear gas that could be used by his security forces against rebels

Russia will ban all weapons sales to Libya, the Kremlin said in a statement on Thursday, effectively suspending its arms contracts with the government of Muammar Gaddafi.

An order signed by President Dmitry Medvedev “bans the export from the Russian Federation to Libya as well as the sale, delivery and transfer of all types of arms and related materials, including weapons and ammunition, combat vehicles and military hardware,” it said.

Russia, the world’s second-largest arms exporter after the U.S., was one of the main suppliers of weapons to Libya.

A senior Russian arms official said last week the unrest in Libya had cost Moscow four billion dollars in arms deals.

The daily Kommersant cited a source last week as saying Russia had two billion dollars worth of arms contracts with Libya and was close to concluding deals to sell military aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles worth another 1.8 billion dollars. (Reuters/NAN)

Jonathan denies engaging in anti-party activities
Skigba News Update!!! on 03/10/2011 at 3:04pm (UTC)
 President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday dispelled claims making the rounds in Bayelsa State that he is supporting candidates from other political parties other than the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
The Labour Party (LP) said it had adopted Jonathan as its presidential candidate, urging the people to vote for the president but rejected other candidates on the platform of the PDP.

Jonathan, speaking at the PDP presidential campaign rally at the Samson Siasia Sports Complex in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State said all through his political career he had never been involved in anti-party activities.
Reacting to insinuations from other political parties that he was supporting them against some PDP candidates, Jonathan told the people that such claims should be disregarded as those peddling it were liars.

Going down memory lane, he disclosed how elders of the party intervened in 2006 when the PDP was experiencing crisis due to power tussle and how some people tried to persuade him unsuccessfully to work against some candidates of the PDP.

He explained that he refused to play any role in the primaries of the party because all the aspirants were close to him, adding that with the emergence of candidates for the PDP, Bayelsa which is a PDP state must vote for all the candidates.
His words: “The third message I have is for the PDP family because of the special circumstance of the party. I, Goodluck Jonathan is a person who does not have two tongues. I don’t say one thing and do another thing. I am a PDP member and I cannot be a PDP member and support somebody who is in another party. I am saying this because of some things people have been saying. In 2006, when we had problems, the elders called us to Abuja to devise a way we are going to pick our candidates. Some people came to meet me and said some of those candidates in PDP are not our people, so we should support candidates in other parties and after the election they would defect back to the PDP but I said no.

“During the primaries, I did not play any role to influence the election of any candidate in the primaries because everybody was supporting me. Now that you have picked your candidates, I am telling you that you vote for all PDP candidates. I am a PDP member and I would never play anti-party activity.”
Jonathan enjoined all Bayelsans to thank at least 10 Nigerians from other parts of the country for their acceptance of their ticket promising that this was the beginning of the good things that would come to the state as his administration would work with the governor to ensure there would be accelerated development.

The Acting National Chairman of the party, Dr. Haliru Bello, while reiterating that Jonathan was committed to free, fair and credible elections, warned Bayelsans against those who were urging them to defend their votes through violence.
He said the PDP had been preaching one man, one vote and would want the people to protect their votes but not through violence as was being canvassed in certain quarters.
Governor Timipre Sylva said with the Jonathan/ Sambo ticket, Nigerians had demonstrated to the Niger Delta that it was part of the country.

PDP, ACN battle for soul of Lagos today
Skigba News update!! on 03/06/2011 at 5:05pm (UTC)
 The Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP, and Action
Congress of Nigeria, ACN,
were yesterday mobilsing for
a show of political
supremacy in Lagos in five
rival major political campaign
rallies in the nation ’s
commercial capital.
While President Goodluck
Jonathan is billed to address
his first major campaign rally
in central Lagos, the ACN
was, on its part, mobilsiing
for major rallies in Lagos
Mainland and three outskirts
of the commercial city.
Ahead of what promises to
be a tasking security
endeavour, the Police
yesterday warned miscreants
and troublemakers to keep
off from the designated
venues of the campaign rally,
warning that it had mobilized
sufficient men to keep the
The rallies are coming in the
wake of renewed political
jibes between both parties
ahead of the forthcoming
general elections. President
Jonathan had opened the
offensive with his assertion at
a rally in Ibadan where he
said the nation could not
afford to leave the South-
West in the control of rascals,
a jibe that was immediately
rebuffed by some of the
prominent chieftains of the
ACN in the region.
Lagos State governor,
Babatunde Fashola, had
poked the Federal
Government for its
abandonment of Oshodi
Apapa expressway,
describing it as a national
embarrassment, that the PDP
controlled government had
turned the road linking the
country ’s major sea port to
its major airport into an
The Lagos PDP rally to be
addressed by President
Goodluck Jonathan and Vice-
President Namadi Sambo, is
expected to be witnessed by
heavyweights of the party
drawn from across the
country. It could not be
confirmed yesterday if the
just released chieftain of the
PDP in Lagos State, Chief
Bode George, would be at the
PDP rally.
Secretary of Lagos State
chapter of the PDP, Captain
Tunji Shelle, described it as
worrisome that the ACN fixed
its rallies on the same day the
PDP was holding its own
presidential rally in Lagos.
Affirming that the security
agencies should have
checked the situation, he said:
“ I don’t know what they
want to achieve by allowing
their own rally to coincide
with that of PDP. But I
expected that the security
outfits should have sorted
this out because such
permission should not be
granted to another party
while the President is doing
his own rally in the same
neighbourhood. ”
The Publicity Secretary of
ACN in Lagos State, Mr. Joe
Igbokwe, told Vanguard
yesterday that the four rallies
around the city were to
sensistize their members for
the flag-off of its
gubernatorial campaign
scheduled for this weekend.
“It is to prepare ourselves for
the major rally on Saturday
when we are supposed to
flag off our gubernatorial
campaign, so this is just to
sensitize our members and
let them know what is in the
offing,” Mr. Igbokwe said
While the PDP is holding its
rally at the Tafawa Balewa
Square, TBS, ACN rallies
would be holding at the
Teslim Balogun Stadium,
Volkswagen, Gbagada and
Agege Stadium.
The Police yesterday also
confirmed it had beefed up
security, ahead of today ’s
rallies as it warned
miscreants to stay off the
designated areas where the
rallies would hold,
threatening to deal decisively
with anyone who attempted
to hijack the situation to
perpetrate any act of
Both mobile and conventional
policemen, according to
Lagos Police spokesman, Mr.
Samuel Jinadu, have been
deployed to ensure security
at the designated rally,
assuring that the police
officers would do everything
possible to ensure peace
during the rally .
“We are going to flood the
entire places with policemen .
There is cause for alarm
because security has been
beefed up ”, Jinadu stated.
Vanguard reliably gathered
that Area Commanders and
Divisional Police Officers
under whose jurisdictions the
rallies would hold, have been
alerted to be on their toes.

In Abuja, beggars have choice•Insist on amounts to receive as alms•Corporate beggars flood ceremonies
Skigba18 News update!!! on 02/28/2011 at 3:39am (UTC)
 It is a popular saying
that a beggar has no
choice; meaning he
doesn’t have engage his
benefactors on his own
terms. But in Abuja, the
federal capital, that is not
exactly the case, as the
beggars who were
chased out of the city,
have since returned in
grand style with new
operational mode,
including, at times,
stating the amount of
money to receive as
Now more aggressive
and confrontational in
their approaches to
begging, some of them
employ sophisticated
tricks to attract
sympathy. Others
merely approach you
with their requests and
show practical rudeness,
where you are unable to
meet their demands.
The beggars are seen
both during the day and
at night at strategic traffic
intersection points,
especially during traffic
jams. Now, they
constitute a nuisance to
the city, and a major
source of
embarrassment to the
people from whom they
ask alms as many times
as they meet them. For
instance at major
junction in Utako District
near the Berger Junction,
head office, a certain
male beggar male who
appears to have taken
advantage of the delay
caused by the traffic
lights at that point, has
stationed himself there,
moving from one car to
the other asking specific
amounts of money
from them.
The wise beggar targets
which sides of the road
give him most
advantage, based on the
colour displayed by the
traffic. Then he would
swiftly walk up to the
waiting motorists,
begging from one
vehicle to another. His
style seems relatively
new and specialized in a
way. As an
unsuspecting motorist, if
you hadn’t wound up
your glasses, he would
boldly walk up to you at
the driver’s side, relaxes
his arms on the door
and confidently
whispers into your ears
without any restrain: “I
am in need of your
assistance kindly give
me … amount of
Where your car
windows are already
wound up, he would
knock repeatedly on the
glass to gain attention
and once you have
turned to his side, he
would bend his head
close to you and begin
his stories as usual. This
he does going round the
lanes as the traffic lights
dictate for him. It is
common sight to see
disabled persons
infiltrating heavy traffics
routes in the city, using
diverse approaches to
also ask alms from the
Just at the popular
Beggar roundabout in
Utako District too, some
beggars, mostly women
have positioned
themselves to beg on
daily basis. The women,
often found in
wheelchairs, have
resorted to coming out
with their little children to
beg right under the sun.
Daily Sun observed that
most of the women
who beg at the
roundabout are nursing
mothers of different
categories. Among them
are breastfeeding
mothers, who also
breastfeed their babies
right under the sun in
their wheelchairs
perhaps, all in a bid to
gain sympathy.
The women, who
mostly converse in
Hausa, would hardly
respond to questions.
However, one of them
who, with so much
difficulty attempts to
explain why they are re-
invading the city would
not disclose her names,
claiming that begging is
more lucrative to them
than involving in difficult
On a different ocasion,
Daily Sun encountered a
young man along the
Shehu Shagari Way at
the Central Business
District, who walked up
to the reporter, asking
him for help while on his
mission to investigate
the activities of beggars
in the city. The young
man, who was carrying
a big brown envelope in
his hand, simply
identified himself as
Ehidu from Edo state.
Spotting a pitiful look, he
set out with his story
that he had exhausted
his transport fare
coming from
Gwagwalada, a suburb
of Abuja to Area One,
and that had been
trekking from the Area
One where he the
vehicle stopped him,
heading for Aso Drive,
several kilometres away.
He needed some money
to board a taxi in order
to continue his journey.
Ehido is not alone in this
trick. There are several
instances where people
who are just roaming
about in the city
repeatedly stop people
with such complaints
and Daily Sun’s
investigation revealed
they make god returns
before retiring for the
day, hence, they employ
this pattern of corporate
begging as a routine
The female folk are not
left out in this ridiculous
activity. Some able
bodied and well dressed
women too carry
children in their backs
about, and whenever
they sight an
unsuspecting person,
would quickly walk up
to him, claiming to be
stranded. This practice,
Daily Sun learnt, has
made it very difficult for
genuine help seekers to
actually get help as most
of those who now ask
for help are first viewed
as fraudsters. Even
when they struggle to
produce evidences to
show that they are
genuine, the people
often look unconvinced.
There is a pattern which
most people, especially
dignitaries, at public
events consider as
embarrassment if not
harassment. Here,
corporate beggars dress
up, looking quite cute as
if they are also part of
the happening crowd at
such events; but they
are there merely to beg
from the dignitaries.
They listen to the
introduction of the
dignitaries by the
masters of ceremony or
anchor persons, as well
as watch closely to
notice vehicles as they
come into the events
arena in order to know
which personalities are
present. Consequently,
they would lay siege to
those dignitaries and
when it is departure
time, the beggars would
block them, asking
money from them.
The personalities, not
wishing to face
embarrassment, would
quickly dole out some
money to them while
driving off. Some deaf
and dump persons also
go to such public
events, sat comfortably
as participants and in
appropriate time, began
to circulate envelopes to
their targeted persons
asking for donations.
This happened
consistently in different
occasions, making the
participants very

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I thank God for everything he has been doing in my life and things he is yet to do.
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Love is nice when you fall in love but when you've a broken heart, then it seems that love is wicked but love is not...... We make mistakes by not knowing our true love..... Endangering our hearts to "LUST"

Only love can bring two
strangers to know each other
love links two people
love is not a respectar of distance
tribe, age, race or religion
people defines love with many definitions making it complicated for new begineers.

when love brings two persons
they become lovers
One says;
'You are like the silky gazelle
of the esteemed paradise
blasing reliance on me
in a blissful beam'

Oh love!!! You are wicked
when you delay
and kind when you join easily

You are bitter and honey
the emotional feeling that
cannot be hidden
which one may have
for another

The breeze of love crosses
our heart when we see
someone we love
you have gone far
mending broken hearts
and joining broken lovers

Having many friends-
having all in mind
love decides whom to choose
be wise in making decisions
life is bitter without love
life is sweet with love

People are happily sad
while others are moaning
in the painful pleasure
of the act of love
when love goes, then comes
bitter, sorrow and pain.

And sound that early-laureled head
will flock to gaze the
strengthless dead
and find unwithered on it's curs
The garland briefer than a girl's


written by:
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I sat there staring,
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is so beautiful, her smile
could make
your spine
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