Hidden things about love
CHEAT has nothing to do with mere relationship. (bf & gf) According to the Oxford dictionary, all the meaning has nothing to do with relationship except the 3rd meaning which says that "(on Sb) of sb who is married or who has a regular sexual partner}to have a secret relationship with Sb else" only for those who cohabit or married couples. Everybody have love, no matter the look. & that is why no human being is ugly, rather facially challenged. Don't be too proud when you notice that you are ravishing cause it doesn't pay to show your beauty, it attracts more danger. As you will fall in love & get married, so will she. So tell me, why the PRIDE? Love is shared among everybody and we all have the same quantity of love but care & trust distinguishes it. One can say that it's not possible to love more than one girl but i repute that statement cause it's 96% possible. The kind of love our LORD JESUS showed to us was for everybody and not for some people. One can have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and still have a lover as well as a future to be, outside. But your effort determines if you are with the person or not. "Love is never a race or a competition but lust is, it has an over taker". If i show much love(lust/admiring)to her more than you do, she'll leave you for me but then if you are the future to be, then am wasting time. It's not a matter of my looks or money cause that's lust and the person involve will regret deeply. A girl once asked me what she would do. she was in love with a guy although she had a boyfriend. I told her to follow the love from the depth of her heart and she said she love both... It's possible! Have you ever imagined why a younger guy goes for a younger girl or vice versa.. It happens cause love is really blind but it sees all things but shrug off all. {Beauty, finance, swags, background, distance, tribe, language, colour} "LOVE IS FOR EVERYBODY" Everybody equally have the right to fall in love to whosoever it might be, but your heart talks, not you. Don't be soo stupid messing up with your lover because you caught him/her with another person cause it can make break the relationship. Never cry like a baby when you renege with your lover cause you never can tell who will come next after him/her. Don't be too driven by LOVE cause it drives people crazy mad. It harms, pains and heals broken hearts, Never have anyone in your mind, better still in your heart cause once he/she is on your mind, "YOU ARE FINISHED!" You will be like a remote, you can't concentrate cause she/he's always on your mind. The amount of care & trust determines how strong your LOVE can go with your partner. Anybody that shows it to you is the person you will love. A relationship is like a man who goes to a forest to hunt animals where he can find and equally get as many as he wants but saves the best when he finds one. In every relationship, the both must work together to the success of it cause when one person does, an outsider can intrude and carry your partner away. You should know that Men are moved by what they see while women are moved by what they hear. Women are blessed with LOVE, they have it all in them. If a woman ever love you with all her heart, Give her the trust & chance.Though they are entitled to 3guys viz :- LOVER, BOYFRIEND & FUTURE HUSBAND but then you have taken their heart & mind. Love is like a whole book to a woman but a page to a man so Lucky are you when you are loved by a girl soo much but then look (observe) critically and know her motives, to confirm if it's true love. She can give/do anything just to keep you. But in cases like this, men do fuck up cause they label such girl a pest!(slut). It's not proper. "Reject a girl's proposal & prepare to be her enemy". They are too carried away by what they hear, while the guys believes in what they see. When a guys sees a sexy romantic lady, even though she might devoid good manners, she's being wooed and carried like a pet, & that's where lust is invited and sex becomes an everyday activity. When a man boldly approaches a woman to disclose his intention, even if the woman is single or not, she has considered that but with no action cause they believe on what they hear. She might relent or not. Eventually if they come to be, he'll say everything that will make her believe he loves her. On hearing this, she will requite his love by doing some physical thing. It doesn't necessarily means that it must be SEX, it can be any-other thing, that's when the man will see the love & both will cling to each other firmly. There's nothing more greater than the love of giving. If Christ didn't sacrifice his only son for our sins, you wouldn't have known that he loves us. Giving is another organ that supports LOVE to it's fullest, making it soo powerful & strong. LEARN TO GIVE! Love Doctor!

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I thank God for everything he has been doing in my life and things he is yet to do.
This is the somebody that everybody have been waiting for.. am on it. Space out if you don't like what you see. i was not created by God to be bugged by you or troubled by your low mentality. I love my haters so much as well as my lovers.
Am so much in debt to all my lovers, fans and admirers. Long Live You all.

what is love??













Money & Sex are the two things young lovers seek for. Girls cheat on males on daily basis, claiming to be their lovers, promising heaven and earth, making the male feel so much about her but all to no avail when cheat came to be the order o...f the day. Both the male & female now play games. When this happenes, who is then worthy to be trusted? 'i love you' has been a word used out of emotion, even when you don't love the person. All because of Money & Sex. They exist here on earth before our existence, and will also exist even when we are gone so why are we in a hurry for it..This has caused more harm than good. Oh money & sex!! What are you turning this century into, making no one have trust. Girls nowadays don't have one lover because of this reason, they jump from one man to another. That's why you see a woman of 31-43 above not yet married. Why? Because when they were young, men came from different walls of life but they won't stick to one until after they are satisfied, realising their mistakes, they start l0oking for a younger male. One can hardly find a woman or man who has only but one lover. Why? They want to get connected to everyone, knowing everything and testing them to0. What will it benefit a young l0ver, after all this and it caused damages and problems to him/her in the nearest future! A past0r once said that he attend to people with HIV/AIDS positive just as the Doctor attends to patients suffering fr0m malaria. (i.e they are t0o many)
Let's change and make this world a better place.


Love is nice when you fall in love but when you've a broken heart, then it seems that love is wicked but love is not...... We make mistakes by not knowing our true love..... Endangering our hearts to "LUST"

Only love can bring two
strangers to know each other
love links two people
love is not a respectar of distance
tribe, age, race or religion
people defines love with many definitions making it complicated for new begineers.

when love brings two persons
they become lovers
One says;
'You are like the silky gazelle
of the esteemed paradise
blasing reliance on me
in a blissful beam'

Oh love!!! You are wicked
when you delay
and kind when you join easily

You are bitter and honey
the emotional feeling that
cannot be hidden
which one may have
for another

The breeze of love crosses
our heart when we see
someone we love
you have gone far
mending broken hearts
and joining broken lovers

Having many friends-
having all in mind
love decides whom to choose
be wise in making decisions
life is bitter without love
life is sweet with love

People are happily sad
while others are moaning
in the painful pleasure
of the act of love
when love goes, then comes
bitter, sorrow and pain.

And sound that early-laureled head
will flock to gaze the
strengthless dead
and find unwithered on it's curs
The garland briefer than a girl's


written by:
Nwakanma Sabastine..
I sat there staring,
viewing & watching
move she made. She
is so beautiful, her smile
could make
your spine
Her voice ran like the
harp of olypums.
Her lips
wuld taste like
She was my
But i could not tell
how i felt cause i never
her again.
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